Sunday, May 2, 2010

It's Official- the swearing in ceremony

Although flag day is technically more exciting for us, the big deal day for the government is the “Commissioning Ceremony”; this is where the new class of diplomatic officers are sworn into service by the secretary of state. Jacob’s class was fortunate enough to have Hillary Clinton, our secretary of state, come and perform the swearing in herself.

The ceremony began with several speeches about of how wonderful this class of officers is, and how talented and great they will be. Finally the secretary arrived and she gave a 10 minute speech regarding how important their role as diplomats are, and how crucial their jobs are to American policy. She also talked about how talented the class is and how difficult it is to be accepted into this elite rank in the government. Finally she recited the oath, and they were officially officers of the foreign service!


  1. After we spotted Jacob in the class picture, Colin said "Yay!" We're all excited for you and proud of what you're doing--even if we can't be there to celebrate :)

  2. Jacob and Amy, (Amy, hi, nice to "meet" you),

    I have enjoyed reading your blog - and have followed the ups and downs. Well, identity loss or not, you have probably accumulated a lifetime of memories, which will stand both of you in good stead through the rest of your lives!

    Jacob, Botswana is much closer to India than DC, so maybe a quick holiday to India would be in order? And if you are a football (as the world calls it) fan, go a little earlier, and enjoy the world's largest sports spectacle in nearby South Africa!!

    All the best,

  3. Hello! Just found your blog through the magic of facebook. Lots of exciting things happening for you all. Hope you're doing well and enjoying life. Will check back in soon! :)