Sunday, May 2, 2010

Washington, DC- Flag Day

Well we finally made it to DC, I’m sure you have all been wondering what happened to us? So I apologize for not writing this entry sooner, we’ve been enjoying the life in DC and Jacob has started training.

On Friday April 23rd, they had a ceremony they call “flag day.” It is the only time in their careers where they will receive their posting in a ceremony and it is celebrated. In the future they will be told where they are going via email.

Anyway, the ceremony is one of the more stressful things we’ve been to, as you have very little control over what you will receive, and it is 45 minutes of your life that determines the next 2 years of your life. They had several speakers talk about the class and then they proceeded to announce each country with its flag on the big screen. They would follow this up with the job this person would be holding and the name of the officer. They would present each officer with the flag of the country they were heading to, and a folder with their training schedule. After they had announced about half the class they finally announced “Gaborone, Botswana”, and stated that Jacob would be taking on this job. So the moment we have all been waiting for, well at least Jacob and I, has come and we are headed to Botswana in July!

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  1. Thanks for sharing - it's nice to see the pictures to put more context around what we've heard. Congratulations!