Sunday, February 21, 2010

The Foundation of Family

It's important to always begin with who you are, and the people who know you best. You may not realize it but your family knows what your mood is before you even say a word.

We picked up the rental car in Stamford, CT and packed it up with more than we probably need. That always seems to happen when you travel by car.

There is something strengthening about coming home, we went to church and it is so encouraging to walk into a place where everyone knows your name, and they are excited about everything you do. I mean it has always been that way, I would sing a solo growing up and probably make multiple mistakes but everyone still told me I did great. That's why it was so wonderful to start the day of our departure with church; they sent us off with great excitement.

We followed church with a wonderful brunch with family, Grammy, Elizabeth, Mom, Dad and the two Christophers (Chris the adult and Christopher the nephew). It was wonderful to sit down and laugh and find the foundation of family.

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