Sunday, February 21, 2010

A year in the life of Amy...the challenge of decision-making

The road trip started with a stop in Carlisle, PA to visit Amy's freshman year of college, Dickinson College.

As we drove off I-81 into Carlisle, PA, we passed the land of strip malls, Jacob turns to me and asks "so why did you decide to go here?". I say, "well it's actually really cute, wait until we get to downtown and the college." It is in fact an adorable old town with Colonial townhouses and buildings, the challenge is there's not a lot here beyond Dickinson, so the outskirts of town are not as quaint.

This one question launched us into a discussion about the decision making process, something that I've never been exceptionally good at. I began to reflect on how I made my decision my senior year of high school and how much that decision was about asserting my independence and rejecting the influences that surrounded me. The funny thing is sometimes when you try really hard to not be influenced by the people we are surrounded by, we still are.

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