Wednesday, February 24, 2010

A trip to music city USA…

The true value of this trip is the range of American culture we are able to see and take in, our first stop took us to Music City USA…Nashville, TN.

After living in the big apple Nashville feels like coming home. It’s small downtown, center of intellectual development (Vanderbilt University), up and coming artists striving to achieve their dreams and it’s truly unique and individual coffee shops, create a feeling of community that transcends the layers of diversity. It is beautiful to see people all seeking to create something new and to express themselves through their music, their research and their beliefs. The culture of individuality and the desire to achieve your dreams is contagious.

We were floored by the quantity of people we were able to check in with over the course of 40 hours. Seeing old friends and professors and hearing their stories are a great reminder of the freedoms we have in America. The freedom to think, the freedom to teach, the freedom to share beliefs and the freedom to start our own businesses.

Although it has been several years since we have lived in Nashville, it still feels like home despite the changing restaurants, changing faces and new buildings. The welcoming nature of the people and the open and honest conversation continue to make us consider what life would be like in Nashville…

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