Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Almost America

I think we need to come clean...we left America.

I love America, but it's hard for me to resist exotic Toronto and Montreal--although not exactly balmy this time of year. Admittedly, we had been planning to come through Canada since we embarked on the trip but still billed it as a Roadtrip Across America. How could we live with ourselves in this deceit? Well, it is a roadtrip across North America.

We began the diversion in the Northland with a brief stay on Lake Ontario. We looked longingly over the inland ocean (i.e. great lakes) at the twinkling lights of the homeland on the horizon.

I soon found myself feeling a little more foreign when the signs started changing to French as we entered Quebec. I think Amy found herself at home with a whole province of bilingual French/English speakers.

Our entertainment for the 20 hours in Montreal was playing "visiting parents" to our friend, who is a 3rd year law student at McGill. I've never been on the other end of a college visit; we enjoyed seeing the classrooms, cafeteria, study lounges, meeting friends, going to dinner and then saying goodnight and going back to our hotel. In the morning, our little student came to pick us up at the hotel after her class and we went to visit her house where she lives with 4 other girls.

I suppose it wasn't quite the same as a parental visit since we weren't constantly assessing if the tuition dollars were being well spent.

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