Friday, March 5, 2010

Dam, Sin City

To contrast God's creations, we thought we'd visit a few of man's creations.

The Hoover Dam was the largest concrete structure and largest hydro-electric power plant ever erected when it was finished in 1936. Over a football field high and a football field thick--it takes a lot to harness the mighty Colorado River. As we drove over the Dam we couldn't help but be impressed by what humans can accomplish with a bit of planning.

And then there is the human creation in the image of human creation--Las Vegas. In only a few short steps we revisited places we have actually visited--Egypt, New York, Paris. Only the last time we were in each of these places I didn't remember as many slot machines and strip show advertisements.

At each step of the Johnson Family Vegas Vacation I was reminded of the lovable Clark Griswald--all the signs for the dam tour, our awful luck at the casinos (we lost all $2 we bet), the lone mobile homes in the desert and the remembrance of how important family relationships really are even amongst all the glitz and glamor of the Vegas Strip.

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