Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Northern California, more American dreams

We drove up Route 1 and 101 along the California coast, it is tremendous scenery. The rolling hills and incoming fog reminded me of Jurassic Park and yet we were right between two of the largest cities in America. We arrived late to Palo Alto and the next morning went running around the campus of Stanford University. It is unlike any other school, with Spanish influenced architecture and wide expanses of lawn. It is a school known for its tremendous scholastic ability and its business school prides itself on its entrepreneurial flavor.

Today we enjoyed the beauty of the Napa wine valley, we drove through the hills and stopped to taste the local varietals. The people are friendly, relaxed and encouraging. At one vineyard we ran into a gentleman originally from Wales who has become an American citizen and is a chef. He has decided to leave the wine industry and start his own business being a private chef. He said in this country you have to have a dream and a goal, it’s great to be an American but if you aren’t living your dream and you don’t have a goal, you aren’t living up to what this country stands for.

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