Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Frost bite in the desert…

You may be wondering how that is possible? Well it is nearly possible.

While staying in Cochiti Lake, New Mexico on the Cochiti reservation, we went for a hike up out of the desert to see the ruins of the pueblo. Several hundred years ago the tribe moved to the top of the mesa to protect themselves from the Spanish. The story goes that the Spanish had been quite cruel to the native people as we have all heard many times. Well the Cochiti got together with several other tribes in the area and drove the Spanish out of the region. The Cochiti than were afraid that when the Spanish returned they would be even more brutal, so they moved up to the top of the mesa. You can still find the ruins of the pueblo they inhabited up there. The trail is actually the trail that the women would use to go retrieve water from below. It was a fairly steep hike and it was especially challenging given the foot of snow that resided in some portions of the path. I thought that my hiking boots would be ok with a pair of smartwool socks, however by the time we reached the top my boots were soaked and my feet were sloshing around inside. By the time we came back to the car at the bottom and returned to the house, my feet were blocks of ice and you could ring the water out of my socks when I took them off.

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