Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Renting the Reservation

We just left New Mexico after staying three nights on a Native American Reservation. We didn't stay in tepees, nor did we stay with Native Americans. We stayed with my aunt and uncle who own a house on land leased for 99 years from a Native American Reservation. Fewer groups have tried renting land for developments compared with those seeking quick money from casinos.

I could see why the Native Americans would try to monetize their location. We were minutes from hiking up a plateau with views free of all human settlement. It took us less than an hour to get to the Rocky Mountains to ski on fresh powder and a base of 90 inches. The starry night sky was a crisp reminder that we live in the Milky Way (I often forget there are other stars than the sun when living in New York).

In 45 minutes we were in Santa Fe, where one can enjoy a plethora of original art galleries and live entertainment. The City Different, as it's called for its uniqueness, entices artists and performers out of big city life to enjoy the small town feel. With 75,000 people and the third largest original art gallery selection in the US (behind only New York and San Francisco), Santa Fe clearly has a unique attraction away from a large metropolis.

There is a lot of appeal to living away from the hubbub of a major metropolis. The air is cleaner and quieter, and the people are small town friendly. But most jobs take you to the big cities. And, of course, we aren't currently picking a place to live in the US of A, so the contemplation of a slower, quieter life will have to wait for another day...

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  1. I am enjoying your blog. Love the pictures too. See you both in a few weeks!