Thursday, March 11, 2010

Eastward HO!?

The Expedition of Lewis and Clark, the California Gold Rush, the Louisiana Purchase, the Oregon Trail. America's cultural narrative is Westward. Even our pre-nation history is told by European explorers sailing into the sunset to the New World.

Whether it is cultural indoctrination or innate aesthetic appreciation, there is something I love about going West. Watching the sunset over the Pacific Ocean after crossing our great nation filled me with a sense of hope that tomorrow will be even better than today. But what if tomorrow means going East?

Our road trip is no longer mimicking the historic expansion of the United States. Now we are driving east. I can't help but think how the trip is more than halfway done--and, for me, concluding an adventure can hardly compete with the adrenaline rush of beginning one. The outset of an adventure is filled with expectations--the end is filled with great memories, but the potential and unknown are no more.

I shouldn't get ahead of myself here, we still have a continent to cross, friends and family to revisit and more exploration of what makes America great. The route back will be further north so pray we don't have to use our snow chains (since we don't have any;).


  1. No worries - the snow is steadily retreating in MN.

  2. Now that I found the link again, I got caught up. I do enjoy your blog and appreciate the fantastic pictures, too! See you in a week or so????

  3. No snow in our yard. Daffodils and tulips are coming up. You might even see a few early blossoms in IL.

  4. No snow in our yard either. We just have squishy grass. See you soon.