Wednesday, March 10, 2010

California, the land of reduced service levels...

We will only comment on this for a moment, but I thought it was interesting to mention. On the east coast we hear about California being broke and their budget not being balanced, but I did not expect to experience the results of this. We stopped into a state park in Northern California to see the redwoods, we expected to find a state park with information and rangers…we saw one ranger. We walked up to the visitor’s center and were greeted with a sign reading “please note due to budget cuts you may experience reduced levels of service”…hmmm we thought. So we proceeded to get a map, and we tried to use the bathroom which we soon discovered was locked…reduced levels of service. We decided to try and do a short loop to see an old redwood, called “old tree” that was supposed to be 12” across, we found the path and soon encountered a fallen down tree, we walked on and found several fallen trees across the path…apparently more reduced levels of service…

We continued into San Francisco that evening and the next morning on our walk along the wharf were continually greeted with folks trying to save the state parks, we were clearly not the only people noticing the reduced levels of service…


  1. Amy, I love your posts! Being a blogger myself, I know that it feels like you're talking to a wall if no one comments on your blog entries. Just want you to know that I'm your biggest fan and I am enjoying sitting next to you in the car every day! I love you!

  2. We are all following your adventures and so envious of all of your travels. Can't wait to see you this week. Suzy

  3. What amazing photos! The trees look like they came straight from the Twilight movies..hehe!